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Over the years we've done the best to clarify the values by which we operate and this is what we've come to...

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We are committed to modeling a sustainable business which promotes the use of renewable resources wherever possible and "Living lightly on the earth". Using existing technology in combination with the natural forces of wind, sun, water and earth, we produce a product that is as efficient as possible, while remaining affordable.

Health, Conservation and Natural Gardening

In order to conserve the finite resources of the planet and renew life in ourselves and in our world, we promote organic gardening without pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This is the basis of sound health, healing and a balanced lifestyle.

sustainable livingSanctuary

Helping our clients to take charge of their diet and health by growing fresh, safe, organic food in the Growing Dome environment has the added benefit of creating a peaceful sanctuary away from the stresses of modern life. The extra space of a beautiful enclosed garden can be a retreat space that nurtures peace, harmony and inner balance. Our product increases quality of life and enhances the life-style of those who value finding a sense of solace through connection with nature. We are currently developing a Sanctuary Dome for those who wish to emphasize this focus.


Our background in holistic, sustainable and off- the- grid living leads to knowledge and wisdom from experience that may be of service to various clients and schools. We offer a consulting group to help our clients make the transition to a more natural way of life and provide support for schools who would like to use the Growing Dome as a living laboratory for learning about living in harmony with nature. "A new view point, a new way of looking, seeing & presenting the garish facts that should be so self-evident, has long been called for as a practical way of responding effectively has long been needed." --Joseph Chilton Pearce in forward to: "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight."

Our Contribution

Many people are rediscovering the benefits of nutritious, locally fresh, organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. In the U.S.A. today over 4000 Farmers markets are taking the place of old town squares which shows that people desire quality, fresh, affordable foods.

Our first desire was to address this need by creating the backyard Growing Dome in the Rocky Mountains where buying organic food is expensive and the short growing season and wildlife make gardening almost impossible. But our eighteen years of operation have shown numerous other benefits.

We have found ourselves educating our clients and other businesses about the use of solar energy and natural systems. Schools and institutions are using our Growing Domes as living laboratories for learning about nature, seasons and support for sound nutrition. The strength of the dome's design has solved the problems of wind and weather in harsh or changing climates while demonstrating a unique shape and symmetry.

udgar and puja parsons Interest in these spaces as a sanctuary or personal space away from the stress of our electronic modern world is growing. The large community domes bring groups of people together in a common focus. The recognition of gardening as therapy for the old or injured has become a new focus for elder communities. Indigenous people are attending to the health of their tribes and remembering their ancient connection with plants as medicine.

There are many "inconvenient truths" in our world today. We are draining the earth's resources faster than they can be replenished and potentially overloading the capability of the earth to handle our waste products. The results are seen in the degradation of our air, our forests, our water, our weather, our glaciers, polar ice caps and our animal life. It is said that "we are what we eat". We are learning that genetically engineered foods are potentially harmful and that standard commercial agricultural practices are not beneficial to our soil, air or water. The increase in cancer, child obesity, heart conditions and diabetes, are often linked to our "nutritionally empty" foods.

But there are solid, affordable solutions. If we each search for alternatives that would best support and nurture ourselves and our world, positive change becomes real. Whether it's solar greenhouse growing for year round fresh food, utilizing more renewable energies in home or office, or awareness of conservation practices, the choices we make contribute to the big picture and make a difference both personally and collectively. Because we demonstrate that solar and renewable energy is a viable alternative to practices that are depleting the planet of its ability to sustain life, we feel we are a part of the solution.

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