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greenhouse gardening greenhouse gardening and community gardens greenhouse gardens and community gardening growing dome videos The Growing Dome...Where Nourishment Thrives

Known for its energy efficiency and performance, our Growing Dome greenhouse provides home owners, communities, schools and universities as well as small farms/growers a superior greenhouse to grow vegetables and plants year round. For more details, view our Growing Dome product website. Here are few of our benefits:

Organic Food/ Nutrition

Our Growing Dome provides an ideal environment for year-round gardening and the growing of fresh organic produce, which scientific studies have proven to be superior in nutritional value than conventionally grown food.

home greenhousesGreater Independence and Self Reliance

Access to fresh healthy food is as close and simple as a walk down ones garden path. There is less need for a drive to the local supermarket to purchase food grown 1000s of miles away, reducing reliance on fossil fues and the unsustainable practices of large agro businesses.

More Sustainable/ Holistic Practices

By promoting both organic growing and the use of renewable energy, owners of Growing Domes learn the benefits and savings that come with living more sustabinably. This provides them with a foundation for improved health and well-being.

Energy Efficiency

Most greenhouses require large inputs of external power in order to perform throughout the seasons in harsher climats. The Growing Dome's unique combination of features and use of renewable energy enables it to prodice all year, with little or no reliance on outside sources of energy. For more details, view our Growing Dome product website.